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Sinful Cologne - the frivolous side of the city

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Entertaining city story of love, lust and passion, of sex and crime, of jealousy, revenge and greed - the most frequent motives for murder and manslaughter. In the shadow of the cathedral, the news of a bloody crime thunders into the peaceful idyll of World Youth Day. Where was the "House of Beautiful Women" and what was the mission of the priests there? What had the man who stood in front of a church with a candle and stone done and why could the Archbishop not forgive every sinner? Sex & CrimeYou learn intimate details about the amorous affair of a Venetian adventurer with a charming Cologne woman, cunning women and impulsive men - or was it the other way around? Where did you go "to the whorehouse" and were the bathrooms, where you were properly soaped up, more than a place of cleanliness? the degree of punishment was as varied as the register of sins. Experience on this tour how sacred the catholic Cologne really was. 1.5 hours.(German: price for 2018: EUR 150 / prices for 2019: EUR 160) (Foreign language: price for 2018: EUR 175 / prices for 2019: EUR 185)