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Coach tour with visit to Cologne's Municipal Museum

Guided Bus Tours


The bus takes you past the witnesses of Roman and medieval Cologne. We show you and explain sights from all epochs on this round trip. From the banks of the Rhine in Deutz you can enjoy the view of Cologne's old town with the Rheingarten, the towers of Groß St. Martin, the town hall and the cathedral and see one of the most beautiful city panoramas in the world. In the Cologne City Museum we take you through the history, intellectual life, economy and everyday life of Cologne and its inhabitants from the Middle Ages to the present day. On this journey through the centuries you will experience vividly what Germany's largest city looked like in the Middle Ages, what life was like in the Hanseatic city, how people lived and what variety everyday life offered them. Here you can understand Cologne's transitions to the industrial metropolis of the 19th century and see how workers and citizens lived. Cologne is also the centre of the Rhenish way of life, and so you will not only encounter "Tünnes und Schäl" here, but also a "Köbes" and learn something about "Kölsch" - beer and language. (German: price for 2018: EUR 175 / prices for 2019: EUR 185) (Foreign language: price for 2018: EUR 205 / prices for 2019: EUR 215)

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If you are not travelling in your own coach, we will be glad to book a coach for you (at an additional charge).