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St. Ursula and Golden Chamber

Museum and Church Experiences


The church dedicated to St. Ursula is linked to the legend of the 11,000 virgins who are said to have suffered their martyrdom here in Cologne. Since many bones were found in its vicinity, the church has an outstanding position in this legend. To house the relics the Golden Chamber was built in the 17th century. This reliquary chapel is lined with bones from top to bottom. The church has rich furnishings from various centuries. The late antiquity "Clematius inscription" or the baroque Grave of the Holy Ursula are objects completely relating to the location, just as the two shrines behind the high altar and, quite especially, the relic busts with the blessed smiling faces of the Virgins.

Besondere Hinweise

Auf Wunsch kann die Führung gegen Aufpreis um 30 Minuten verlängert werden, um zusätzlich zur Goldenen Kammer auch die Nonnenempore zu besichtigen. Bitte stimmen Sie dies vor dem Führungstermin mit uns ab. Es entstehen zusätzliche Eintrittskosten von 2,00 EUR pro Person.