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Terroir Brunch - Maison des Terroirs


Maison des Terroirs - Local produce Brunch 

The Maison des Terroirs, located in the heart of the village of Grandson, is a charming place where local growers and suppliers meet their clients. You will find a large choice of wines and local produce, representing the best on offer in the area.

Ourlocal produce brunch made of 100% local and homemade delicacies is an invitation to sample the region! A hot drink (of your choice), a glass of apple/grape juice, a basket of bread, jams, honey, tasty butter, a yoghurt and a homemade pastry that reflects the season... all this with a plate of cheese  (fresh/matured/flavoured tomme, creux-du-van, petit creux, mountain gruyère, goat cheese in summer) and a selection of cold cuts (bacon, dried beef, raw ham, dry sausages).

You can order other drinks and pay them on site.

Once you have chosen a date and made a reservation, you can come whenever you want during opening hours. The buffet closes at 15h00, you are thus advised to arrive at 14h00 at the latest to fully enjoy it.


Standard price : Fr. 31.00

Children 5 to 10 years : Fr. 17.00

Children under 5 years : Free


Languages spoken

French and English


Opening times

Sunday : 10h-15h



Meeting point: Maison des Terroirs welcome desk --> Rue Haute 13, 1422 Grandson

Public transportation: Grandson station, 5min. walk

Car : free parking in front of Maison des Terroir or on the Castle square

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