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A little thirst for discovery


Maison des Terroirs - Little Thirst

The Maison des Terroirs, located in the heart of the village of Grandson, is a charming place where local growers and suppliers meet their clients. You will find a large choice of wines and local produce, representing the best on offer in the area.

The "Petite Soif" concept allows you to taste 4 glasses of seasonal  and local wines (0.5dl), with a plate of cheese and cold cuts from the Grandson region, as well as salted bricelets (traditional biscuits).

Once you have chosen a date and made a reservation, you can come whenever you want during opening hours.

Price: Fr. 20.00

No reservation needed for children. They are welcome and we can offer them homemade fruit syrups.


Languages spoken

French and English


Opening hours

Tuesday to Friday : 09h-12h / 14h-19h

Saturday: 09h-18h

Sunday : 10h-15h



Meeting point: Maison des Terroirs welcome desk --> Rue Haute 13, 1422 Grandson

Public transportation: Grandson station, 5min. walk

Car : free parking in front of Maison des Terroir or on the Castle square

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