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Medieval experiment


Grandson - Medieval experiment

Come discover Grandson, its Castle and its Maison des Terroirs with this exclusive offer that will send you into medieval times!

The activity takes place twice a day, for lunch (10h) and dinner (16h30).


10h00 or 16h30 : Grandson Castle visit  (duration about 1h15-1h30)

11h30 or 18h00 : Welcome drink at the Maison des Terroirs (duration about 45min.)

12h30 or 19h00 : Medieval meal (2 courses) at Café du Commerce (12h30) or at Arboulastre (19h)

We look forward to helping you discover this unique experience!


Languages spoken

French, English



Meeting point: welcome desk of the Grandson Castle --> Place du Château, 1422 Grandson

Public transportation :  Grandson station, 7min. walk

Car : free parking on the Castle square

Other useful addresses : Maison des Terroirs --> Rue Haute 13, 1422 Grandson ; Café du Commerce --> Place du Château, 1422 Grandson ; L'Arboulastre --> Rue Basse 4, 1422 Grandson

Map hereunder to see the itinerary


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