Astroval: Evening observation


Welcome to the astronomic Observatory AstroVal!

These evening observations take place in the dome at Astroval with our largest telescope (61cm in diameter), which is one of the largest in Suisse Romande.

All year long you can see a number of things of our Universe as you have never seen them: star clusters, nebulas, galaxies... and also things that are closer to us: Jupiter and its moons, Saturn and its rings, Mars, Venus and of course the Moon (observations depending on the chosen date). With a little luck you can even see a comet, shooting stars, satellites... Come join us!

  • Children price 0-9 years : Free
  • Children price 10-16 years : CHF 20.-

We look forward to seeing you at the Observatory!


Languages spoken

French, English



Meeting point: AstroVal Observatory --> Chemin de la Capitaine, 1347 Le Solliat

Public transportation : Train stop "Solliat Gollisse" in front of Jaeger Le Coultre, 20min. walk

Car : Parking spaces in front of the Observatory

Map hereunder to see the itinerary


Getting there

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