Astroval : Sun watching


Welcome to the astronomic Observatory AstroVal!

Come and safely watch the sun at AstroVal through our two astronomic telescopes equipped with sun watching filters.

Each of them will show you different aspects of the Sun.With our helioscope you can see the surface of the Sun, which can show distinctive dark zones named solar spots. With our "H-alpha" telescope you can see the atmoshpere around the Sun and its gigantic protrusions.

The Sun is a living star, which means that the number and size of spots and eruptions changes all the time, making every observation different.

  • Adult price : CHF 15.-
  • Children price 10-16 years : CHF 10.-
  • Children price 0-9 ans : Free
With the ValPass guests card
  • Adult price : CHF 10.-
  • Children price 10-16 years : CHF 5.-
  • Children price 0-9 ans : Free


We look forward to seeing you at the Observatory!

This ticket is only valid for the date indicated. The reservation cannot be postponed and is non-refundable.


Languages spoken

French, English


Important information

Due to the current health situation, the number of visitors per observation is temporarily limited to 6 people. Visitors to the observatory are requested to come with a mask.


Meeting point: AstroVal Observatory --> Chemin de la Capitaine, 1347 Le Solliat

Public transportation : Train stop "Solliat Gollisse" in front of Jaeger Le Coultre, 20min. walk

Car : Parking spaces in front of the Observatory


Getting there

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