Culinary Hike - Mellau


Blossoming alpine meadows and the striking Kanisfluh
4 July to 18 October 2020

The hike starts off very comfortably with a cable car ride right to the middle of the alpine pasture area of Mellau where the breakfast is served in the Simma mountain restaurant.  After breakfast, the hike takes you to the Kanis Alp and you ascend to the summit of the Kanisluh. Then the route leads down to the Alpengasthaus Edelweiss. After lunch the path takes you back to the Mellau cable car and you descend to Mellau where the dessert awaits you in the Hotel Bären.

Services included:

  • An exact route description, a hiking map and vouchers for your 3 course meal
  • Ticket for the Mellau cable car

Mellau - Rossstelle - Kanisfluh - Alpengasthaus Edelweiss - Rossstelle - Hotel Bären (walking time approx. 5 h)


* Mountain breakfast including drinks (Simma mountain restaurant)

* Fine edelweiss pasta with seasonal products and salad or
* Hash browns with mixed salad
(Alpengasthaus Edelweiss)

Sweet finale:
* One coffee speciality and home-made cake or
* One coffee speciality with home-made cinnamon bun
(Hotel Bären)

Reservation required!

Redeemable in the period from the 4th of July - 18th of October, 2020. Daily, except Tuesdays.