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Wild truffle - Educational stroll


Wild truffles - Accompanied educational stroll

To go in search of this precious mushroom with enthusiastic and captivating guides, such is the experience offered to curious people as well as to truffle lovers.

In the Bonvillars area, 2 guides, along with Association Suisse Romande de la Truffe, will take you on unforgettable strolls in search of the Swiss truffles. On the agenda, educational shows and truffle dogs exhibitions along the way. The stroll ends with a tasting of truffle produce with local wines in a relaxed atmosphere. Dogs are not allowed, even if kept on a leash.

Truffles are not found only in Italy and France. The soil of the area around Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland's first truffle region, is also perfect for this delicate treasure.

We look forward to taking you on this exclusive experience!



Languages spoken

French only - 26 september, 3 and 17 oktober, 21 november

French, German and English for all the other day




Meeting point: Cour de Bonvillars --> La Cour, 1427 Bonvillars

Public transportation :  Postbus 630/635

Car: free car park on site

Map hereunder to see the itinerary


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