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AQUATIS invites its guests to dive into a journey to the five continents, to explore the main fresh water ecosystemsand their special fauna and flora... an exceptional tour !

This tour revolves around 5 biozones and 12 natural habitats, with thei specific scenography. The structure of this project marks a departure from the existing  Aquariums-Vivariums : it makes for an intimate and sensitive experience with a strong link to the story. It helps understand without imposition, it suggest without being harsh, it shows without pointing.

The 5 biozones are geographically distant : Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America. They all have something in common : in addition to the spectacular and theatrical aspect of the huge diversity shown and its technical staging, they emphasize the fragility of ecosystems we must preserve.

Special price

Children up to 5 years : Free
Children 6 to 16 years : CHF 19.00


Languages spoken

French, German, English, Italian


Opening hours

Open 7/7 all year!

From Novembrer 1st to March 31st  : 10h00 - 18h00

From April 1st to October 31st : 09h00 - 18h00

24, 25 and 31 December : closing time 17h00


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