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Welcome to Fromagerie Gourmande in Montricher

The Fromagerie Gourmande is the fusion of three milking societies from the Vaud Pied du Jura: Apples, Ballens et Montricher. In 2010 they set up the new Cooperative Society of Pied du Jura Cheesemakers. As a matter of fact, the cheese factories of the three villages and their equipment were old and needed a lot of expensive investments in repairs.

This new society has thus developped a local farming project called  « Pied du Jura produce valorization »  which aims to build a new cheese making factory to transform the milk from 23 participating producers into Gruyère AOP cheese and other local specialties, and also the creation of a new touristic infrastructure that was unheard of in the region to enhance sales of the cheese factory products.

The ancestral recipe for Gruyère AOP cheese is transmitted from generation to generation in villages and mountains pastures.

Immerse yourself in the universe of this famous cheese while exploring the showcase factory and by watching the film about Gruyère AOP cheese making. With the "Gourmet Aperitif" bundle you can also taste local produce with a mixed plate of cheeses and cold cuts, along with a glass of local white wine.


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