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Learn about pairing wine and cheese!

Cheese goes very well with white wine and some red wines can sublimate other varieties of cheese. After a visit to the wine cellar, you will enjoy a commented tasting in 3 steps. Altogether, an assortment of 6 wines and 9 cheeses will be presented and coupled to draw the best of both wine and cheese, to be enjoyed with homemade bread.

From consistance contrasts to flavour harmonisation, this is an unforgettable moment in the magical universe of wine !


Children up to 15 years : Fr. 20.00


Languages spoken




Meeting point: Cave Dupuis --> Chemin de Saint-Pierre 3 à 1173 Féchy

Public transportation : Bus stop "En Burnens" 5min. walk

Car : parking lot and handicapped access in front of the wine cellar

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