Domaine des Remans - Wine cellar discovery


Welcome to Domaine des Remans!

We feel that the culture of vine must produce the best quality of grapes while respecting nature at all times. Integrated production guarantees optimal harvests, in both quality and quantity, thanks to a reasoned application of all production techniques, in accordance with the economical and ecological needs of every culture. We are also VITISWISS certified, which is an association that defends sustainable vine growing and winemaking in Switzerland. It is not only about being efficient at vine growing, but also about paying particular attention to how e use energy and water in doing so.

You will enjoy a visit of the wine cellar with the grower, who will explain everything about the Estate and winemaking. The visit will end on a pleasant note as you will get to taste 4 of the Estate's vintages. You will not leave empty-handed: the winemaker will present you with a bottle of his production to take home (Value Fr. 15.00).


Languages spoken

French, German, English


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