Ride with sled dogs at Vermala, Baptism of 30 minutes for 1 to 6 people


30 minute introduction for group from 1 to 6 people - Vermala - CHF 200.00/introduction.

A FRINDLY OUTING ON THE VERMALA GOLF COURSE A divine sled dog ride in the heart of the resort. Book your ride and experience a magical moment with your family or friends! SLED DOG INTRODUCTION Let yourself be pulled by our husky team, and come and play with them every weekend on the Vermala golf course. For all ages. 

• The piste is located on the small golf course at the end of the Route de Vermala, in front of the “Cervin” and “La Bergerie” restaurants. It is easy to access by car (car park 20 metres away), by bus (line 2 goes to the restaurant), or on skis (cut across from the Nationale Piste), 
• It is important to arrive on time at the given place. In the event of a client arriving particularly late, the service provider cannot guarantee the entire planned service. 
• The number of people on the sled is limited to 2 adults or 3 children, depending on the snow conditions and the condition of the piste. This is decided by the musher. For groups of 2 or 3 people, each person will take their place on the sled in turn, as is appropriate. 
• Children remain the responsibility, and under the supervision, of their parents. 
• The client confirms that he/she is aware of the risks linked to sporting activities in natural surroundings in winter conditions, and is in good physical health, without any particular problems that are incompatible with the activity on offer (vertigo, cardiac problems, fear of dogs…). However in the event of doubt, please notify Swiss Mushing Company as soon as possible. 
• Swiss Mushing Company cannot be held responsible for potential problems linked to injuries, cold, hypothermia, or other illnesses or issues not detailed here. It is advisable to dress warmly, and to wear clothing and shoes suitable for winter activities. 
• Disappointing weather conditions (snow, grey skies…) are not a valid reason for cancellation. 
• However if the Swiss Mushing Company has to cancel the activity due to a force majeure, it will be entirely refunded.